Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Small moment no.2

The Shark Up North
by phoenix

I was walking near by a river I thought that that was the perfect place to go swimming in the river. As I was stroking something extraordinary happened a huge school of fish was passing by.The silver was effecting my scuba mask I could barely see.I could just see that feeding on the shiny fish were lemon sharks. I knew that they were lemon sharks because of the appearance .One in particular wanted to have a bite.So it swam up and tried to have a bite of me but I noticed that that shark was coming. I was kicking like a dolphin that was trying to do its best trick yet. Once I was up to shore I shook my body like a dog .That shark was so dumb that it washed up to shore and that night we had shark hamburgers.After that day we did not eat because we were so full and shocked of how dumb that shark was.

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