Monday, 7 April 2014

Monday quick write

 One day two kids were at the north shore beach with their dog. The kids were splashing in the water. Then  the kids saw a fin coming closer and closer they realised it was a shark.The kids swam as fast as they could.Then they thought it was the end .
The dog sprang into action and splashed as much as he could, the shark paid attention to the dog and swam and chop the dog instead of the kids.The  kids ran to the shore and pack and home to mother and told their mother all about it. Their mother was devastated to find out what happen and reported to the police the beach was closed.In about 2 days the story was up on the news,internet and paper.The kids were sad with out there dog, but they were glad that they could live to see another day.

This is a true story that happen march 2 2003


  1. Great writing Phoenix. I like the way you have added more detail to make the story interesting for the reader. Keep up the good work.

  2. Well done Phoenix this well descried and in very good detail, it must of been a day with Poppa KEEP IT UP PHOENIX


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