Monday, 24 March 2014

P.L Monday quick write

What would you do if you had an amazing tree house.

Here are the things I would do:
I would call my friends to come over and play,we would play all day.
 If I could I would sleep almost every night in my tree house.
Sometimes I would relax on my bed and read for some peace and quite.
I would spend every moment of my spare time up in my tree house.
I would always leave with a big grin on my face.

The things I would have in my tree house:
I would have lots of food for me and people who come and visit.
I will have a big TV where I can watch all my favourite movies and TV programmes. 
I would have a white hammock next to my window were I can feel the sun shining through.
I will use fancy plates when I am eating.
I would have a toilet so I do not have to go inside.
I would have a shower so I would never have to leave,it would be like my own little house.
I would have a platform so I could walk around my tree house.
I will have a giant marble table to eat off and work on my sketching and my homework.

This is what my tree house would look like:


  1. Great ideas Phoenix, but this is still a list. Please write your ideas into sentences and paragraphs to make them more interesting.

  2. Thanks Phoenix. Those are much better sentences.


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