Tuesday, 20 May 2014

My small moment

Rabbit Hunting
by phoenix

I could sense rabbit droppings that was a good sign of rabbits. In the mountains I could see tiny fluff balls rolling round in the grass. Once  the rabbits knew  we were here they sounded the alarm, they were thumping as loud as they could. My uncle knows where to find them. We caught 50 -60 rabbits on 1 farm.

The next farm we went to we hunted for 4 hrs and caught 80 - 100 rabbits. We took 2 ferrets and 2 dogs. discovery that we killed  mother rabbit.We found the kittens  [baby rabbits] and we took the kittens home and look after the kittens and we trained them to tell other rabbits we are gone. So the rabbits come out and the dogs go crazy and kill  many rabbits. The rabbits who are left hiding in the holes we put the ferrets down  the hole and the rabbits came running up from there smell that is quite horrible.  My uncle caught one rabbit and it wiggled its way out. I felt sad and happy that the rabbit gets to live its life but its  still a pest in Paeroa. We did about 75 holes. In the end of the day our total was 380  rabbits. When we got home we cooked a rabbit and ate them with veggies and gravy. It was YUMMY !!! It was a interesting and tasty day.

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